Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Small Press Month

March is Small Press Month, a celebration of small and independent publishers. There's a lot of exciting work being published by these small presses, some of it mainstream, and some of it work that might never, for one reason or another, see the light of day at the large, profit-oriented media conglomerates that dominate publishing. Small presses keep the pioneer spirit alive: taking chances on new authors and innovative books, experimenting with new technologies, or reaching under-represented audiences. By controlling costs, keeping print runs small, and using creative marketing techniques, small presses can afford to publish books for small niche markets that the "big 6" wouldn't even consider a possibility. Small presses are the "cowboys" of the publishing world.

To celebrate Small Press Month, throughout the month of March I'll be blogging about some excellent kids' and teen's books from the small and independent publishers. I hope that I can help you discover some new books that you otherwise may never have heard of.

For more information about Small Press Month, including "Ten Things to do for Bookstores & Libraries" and "Thirty-One Things to do for Small Presses & Independent Publishers," see the Small Press Month web site:


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