Friday, August 19, 2005

Another new book: The Land of Elyon, Book 2

Good news for fantasy fans! New books are coming fast and furious this month. The latest new release is Beyond The Valley Of Thorns, Book 2 of The Land of Elyon series by Patrick Carman. The first book, The Dark Hills Divide, tells the story of a girl named Alexa Daley, who lives in a city (actually a series of cities) entirely surrounded by walls. When Alexa tries to find a way outside the walls, she discovers that the city is in danger. With the help of several talking animals, Alexa must solve a mystery and save the city. In the new book, the walls are down, but the danger isn't ended, as Alexa finds herself involved in a new battle.

Also, don't forget - only 4 more days until the release of Eldest, the sequel to Eragon!


Anonymous said...

hello i love these books i have only read one of them but i cant wait to read the rest i love them and cant wait till they are all out sincerley

Anonymous said...

i luv the land of elyon books. ive read them all