Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Fantasy is better than reality

I'm not a big fan of reality TV. I see enough of real people every day, and I prefer to spend my recreation hours with fantasy. But one reality show, The Amazing Race, has caught my interest. There's something fascinating about watching how the stress and the competition affects people and their relationships: some bicker and fight, letting the stress tear their relationship apart, while others bond even more strongly under the stress.

Last night, in the first episode of a new race, the Black family was one of the latter type. This family was just too good to be true: they supported, helped, and encouraged each other; they were unfailingly kind, polite, and respectful not only to each other but to the other teams as well. You couldn't help but like them.

So why were they eliminated in the first round, while the family that spent the whole night yelling at each other moved from 10th place up to 6th place? The Black family should have won; after all, the good guys usually win, don't they? In a fantasy they would have. But reality is messy, and things don't always work out they way they should. And that's why I like fantasy.


Kelly said...

I hear you on this one. That was a devastating elimination. Those poor kids!

Unknown said...

Yes, it was disappointing. And when the older brother talked about how proud he was of his younger brother for keeping up and never giving up, I was practically in tears.