Wednesday, October 18, 2006

So you think you know your F/SF?

Wanted: brave, dedicated bloggers who love children's literature and know something about science fiction and fantasy. Yes, I'm talking to you! Why haven't you volunteered yet for the nominating or judging committee for the Cybils award? If you don't know what I'm talking about, click here to find out the details.

Wands and Worlds is administering the fantasy and science fiction categories, and we need more volunteers for either the nominating or judging committees. Thanks to the people who have volunteered, but we are still a few short. The nominating committee will be responsible for narrowing the long list of nominations down to a short list of five finalists, between November 20 and January 1. The judging committee will then have a few weeks in January to read the five finalists and choose a winner. We need five members for each committee. If you'd like to volunteer, please email me at, or post a comment below. Please include a second choice in case f/sf fills up; you can see a complete list of the committees here. Not into F/SF? (Why are you reading my blog if you aren't?) Then volunteer for one of the other committees.

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tanita✿davis said...

Hey, I'm already on the YA Nominating Committee list, but if you need another person to fill the ranks, give me a yell -

Sarah Stevenson said...

I wouldn't mind helping! I think I'm already on one of the Graphic Novels committees, but if you need help, I definitely love SF/Fantasy, too. I blog with TadMack on Readers' Rants and Finding Wonderland. Let me know!

Anonymous said...

Don't know too much on YA. But I think its a good thing what your doing.

Laura Atkins said...

I also think I might be on the graphic novel committee. But I would consider being on the fantasy sci/fi one too, though I'd need to do the final award-selection (in terms of timing and limiting to reading five books). So you can keep me as a back-up if you don't get enough people

Unknown said...

Thanks to everyone who volunteered. Our current goal is that no one serve on more than one committee, so those of you that are on other committees, I don't think that I can use you. If anything changes, though, I'll be in touch.

We can still use a few more volunteers, so if anyone is on the fence, please jump in!

Camille said...

Have the SF/F committees been finalized yet?

Unknown said...

Hi Camille,

I actually had you on my list for F/SF, but then I found out that you are on the Non-fiction Picture book committee, and we're trying not to have any overlap if possible. So, while I would love to have you, it looks like it won't work out this year. I'm sorry for not letting you know; I looked for your email address on your blog but couldn't find it.

To answer your question in more general terms, we still have one opening in the F/SF nominating panel, and one on the F/SF judging panel.