Saturday, July 07, 2007

Book Review: The Penguins of Doom (From the Desk of Septina Nash)

The Penguins of Doom: From the Desk of Septina Nash
by Greg R. Fishbone

Either Septina Nash has a vivid imagination, or she is a magnet for strange happenings. How else to explain the disappearance of her triplet sister Sexta, the penguins stalking her, and the attacks by her mortal enemy, Doctor Fignizzi? Through her letters to teachers, guidance counselors, family members, and the police missing persons department, Septina documents her search for Sexta, her battles with Doctor Fignizzi, her olympic skateboard training, and her attempt to find a suitable romantic match for her math teacher.

The Penguins of Doom is a humorous, playful, and fun story with lots of preteen appeal. Septina's voice is what really makes the book enjoyable: she's smart, sassy, and has a delightfully refreshing attitude, whether she's berating the police for not being as good at finding people as Canadian Mounties, or questioning why the school counselor wants her to fix his door when he says it's "always open." The Penguins of Doom is an easy, fun read that has plenty of surprises as it rollicks along towards the climax.

The official release date for The Penguins of Doom is today, the triply lucky day of 07/07/07. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen delays, the book isn't actually available yet, but it should be soon. See author Greg Fishbone's post on the subject.

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