Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Inkheart movie trailer & Cornelia Funke news

Even though the Inkheart movie isn't due to be released until September, 2008, the first trailer has been posted online!

I think it looks pretty good, and for the most part, they've done an awesome job of casting. I didn't picture Basta with a mohawk, though. (I assume the guy with the mohawk is Basta).

Thanks to Educating Alice for the trailer news.

The third book in the trilogy, entitled Inkdeath, is also due to be released in 2008. lists the release date as April 7. 2008, but The Official Cornelia Funke web site says that there's a "little less than a year to go" until the U.S. release of Inkdeath, so I think a Fall publication date is more likely. You can't preorder the Inkdeath hardcover on, but you can preorder the audio CD. If you absolutely can't wait, you may be able to find the German version, Tintentod.

In other Cornelia Funke news, the official web site announced on October 22 that she's working on a sequel to Dragon Rider!

Update 18 Nov 2007: I'm sorry to say that the Inkheart trailer was removed by New Line Cinema because they didn't have the rights to use the music in it for internet distribution. Read the details here on Cornelia Funke's web site. The letter says that there will be an official teaser trailer on December 7, so we won't have to wait too long.

Thanks to Fuse #8 for the news.

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