Monday, December 31, 2007

Book Review: Frognapped (Araminta Spookie book 3)

Araminta Spookie, book 3
by Angie Sage

Frognapped is a 2007 Cybils nominee.

Barry Wizzard's frogs are missing, and these are no ordinary frogs: they're acrobatic frogs and they do tricks. Araminta Spookie and her friend Wanda Wizzard, Barry's daughter, are on the case. After searching Spookie House for the frogs with no success, the two girls are convinced that the frogs have been frognapped. With the help of the house ghost, Sir Horace, the two budding detectives launch an investigation that will find them ambushed by a bicycle, face-to-face with a shark, and undercover at an aquarium show.

Frognapped is a really cute and fun book for elementary-age readers. It's book 3 of a series, but it works just fine without having read the first two. Araminta's hijinks are amusing and evoke the imaginative play of elementary kids. The humorous and lightly gothic illustrations by Jimmy Pickering perfectly complement the text.

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