Friday, November 21, 2008

Cool interviews! Anticipated sequels! My picks from the WBBT.

As you may know, the Winter Blog Blast Tour, organized by the fabulous Colleen Mondor of Chasing Ray, is going on right now throughout the Kidlitosphere. It's a great lineup of author interviews on a variety of kidlit blogs. I wish that I had the time to read all the interviews, but unfortunately, I don't, so I've been just dipping my toes in and reading the ones that interest me. Here are some of my favorites:


Anonymous said...

If you get time, you might want to pop over and see Wonderland's interview with D.M. Cornish -- he's absolutely lovely -- and Elizabeth E. Wein, who is really intelligent and funny. We had a good time with all of our interviews this week -- there were some really good ones.

Unknown said...

Thanks, I'll do that. I confess to skipping those two because I haven't read any of their books, but what better way to discover new writers, right? I'll go back and check them out!