Friday, May 22, 2009

Bridget Zinn charitable auction for writers and booklovers

Bridget Zinn is a teen librarian and writer, who recently got an agent for her young adult novel and got married. She also found out that she had Stage Four colon cancer. Her story is a moving one, and you should read it here:

The kidlit community, led by the uber-awesome Jone MacCulloch, has rallied to the cause, and an online auction is taking place right now to raise money to help Bridget with her overwhelming medical bills. There are a boatload of incredible items that have been donated for the auction, from autographed books and artwork, to manuscript critiques, agent readings, and publicity packages. It's a feast for both book lovers and writers. You can see all the items and bid here:

Don't delay, because bidding ends on May 30 at 11:00pm (I don't see a time zone specified, but since Bridget and Jone are both in Oregon, I'm guessing that's Pacific time. Does anyone know?)

I'm a little late posting this, but maybe that's a good thing; hopefully if you meant to bid but forgot, this will be a timely reminder. And if you visited the auction near the beginning but haven't been back recently, there have been a lot of new items added, so check it out!

I'm going to bid now, but I wanted to leave you with a couple more links:

Bridget Zinn and the nature of resilience (Article from The Oregonian)

Live auction taking place in Portland on May 29

Bridget Zinn's web site

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