Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Green Dragon Codex Song Contest for Libraries

Mirrorstone is inviting children and teens ages 8 to 14 to enter the Green Dragon Codex Song Writing Contest through their local library. From Mirrorstone's web site:

Calling all libraries! Got any bards in training? Here's your chance to put that talent to good use. Libraries, and kids and teens 8-14 years old, are welcome to enter the Green Dragon lyrics writing contest -- and explore the world of dragons. Entrants will write lyrics set to the story of the Green Dragon, and the winning lyrics will then be set to music tied in with A Practical Guide to Dragons and the books in the Dragon Codex series. This is a great summer promotion for reading programs; you might offer it as a group writing activity, or have kids write on their own and have a contest to pick the entry you think is best to submit.

Mirrorstone has posted a song and lyrics about the Dragon Codex series, including verses about the Red Dragon, Bronze Dragon, Black Dragon and Brass Dragon. Entrants will write a verse about the Green Dragon to add to the song.

Details and rules, including an MP3 download of the song, can be found at:


The winning library will win a collection of Dragon Codex books (details on which books at the link above), and each member of the winning songwriting team will win a copy of A Practical Guide to Dragons and the Green Dragon Codex.


Clint Johnson said...

Thanks for posting about the contest for my book, Sheila. My name's Clint Johnson, "Assistant" to R.D. Henham. I hope you like the book, and that the kids in your area do too. After all, it is simply the best book in your library. Right?

Unknown said...

Hi Clint, thanks for stopping by. I have to confess that I haven't read your book; I got the announcement of the contest and it sounded like fun, so I posted it. Also, I don't work in a library, either. But I do like dragons, so that counts for something, right?