Monday, October 12, 2009

Cybils Award 2009

For anyone who doesn't know, the 2009 Cybils awards are now open for nominations. Anyone can nominate their favorite children's or young adult book first published between October 16, 2008, and October 15, 2009 for this award, given by the children's literature bloggers to honor the best children's and YA books of the year. Books published in English anywhere in the world are eligible.

Nominations close at 11:59 pm PDT on October 15, so you only have a few days left to nominate. First read this post then read this one, then you can go to our handy-dandy nomination form here. (Which, if you don't mind a quick brag, I'm proud to say that I set up).

Most of the books that I was considering nominating have already been nominated. There are still a few, though, that I've read this year that I think are nomination-worthy. These are a few good books that I'd like to see on the list.

The Midnight Charter by David Whitley

The Book of Dreams by O.R. Melling

The Softwire: Wormhole Pirates on Orbis 3 by P. J. Haarsma

Moribito II: Guardian Of The Darkness by Nahoko Uehashi

If you're trying to decide what to nominate, maybe this will remind you of some good ones, if you've read any of these and also think they're worth a nomination. I'm still holding on to my nomination until the last minute to see what else gets nominated!

See the current list of Fantasy/Science Fiction nominations

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