Tuesday, June 28, 2005

New installments in Pendragon and Edge Chronicles Series

Just a quick note to let you know that new books were just released in two popular series today. The Last of the Sky Pirates is the fifth book in the Edge Chronicles, by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell. In the land of The Edge, there are many assorted creatures, places, and people. From the DeepWoods to the floating city of Sanctophrax, the Edge is filled with interesting mysteries, not all of them pleasant. There are many creatures in this land, but the most feared creature in the wood is the Gloamglozer, a terrifying creature who can change shape.

The Pendragon Series, by D. J. MacHale, tells the story of Bobby Pendragon, a fourteen year old boy who travels the territories of Halla trying to save them from the evil Saint Dane. In book 6, The Rivers of Zadaa, he travels to Loor's home territory of Zadaa. He soon learns that all the water in Zadaa is gone, and he must stop this terrifying plot.

We'll be reviewing these books soon on Wands and Worlds. But for now, the books are available on Amazon.com or at your favorite bookseller:

The Last of the Sky Pirates

The Rivers of Zadaa

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