Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Second Time Around

A good book is one that is just as enjoyable to second time around. A great book is one that gets better on the second reading. Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell is one such book. Right now, I'm reading it for a second time, and, I wouldn't have thought it possible, but it's even better the second time around. Of course, part of my enjoyment this time is that I'm reading it to David, and sharing a good book makes it even more fun. But part of it is discovering all the wonderful details that I missed the first time around. There's so much in this book that you don't "get" the first time around, that it really bears a second reading.

If you haven't read Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, I highly recommend it. If you have read it, read it again!

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

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