Saturday, February 03, 2007

The anti-awards

Colleen at Chasing Ray has been doing some musing lately about book awards. She's made some really interesting points, especially that awards are generally limited by both size (only a few honorees) and publication date (only new books). Her feeling is that this does a disservice to readers, because it limits the potential for them to discover books that they may enjoy.

So Colleen decided to take the initiative and start her own "anti-award." The category for this first round is "Coming of Age" and nominations are open now. You can nominate any number of books published in any year, and Colleen will compile the nominations into a "best books" list. The only restriction is that they must be coming of age books, and be children's/YA books or adult books that crossover. Multiple nominations count in a book's favor, so nominate your favorite book even if it's already been nominated!

Nominations close February 27, so head on over and nominate!

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