Thursday, February 01, 2007

Harry Potter vanquishes blogger

When I heard that a release date had been set for Harry Potter book 7, I tried to post about it to my blog. Unfortunately, Blogger seemed to be having problems; it loaded slowly, and when I tried to "Create post" I kept getting an error. I have to assume that Blogger's servers were overwhelmed by millions of people rushing to post the news about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Looks like Harry defeated Blogger!

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Anonymous said...

I have the whole collection - so of course I'm looking forward to getting the last book.
I'm not even sure why - the last two books have really disappointed me, and my kids didn't even bother to finish them. But I suppose we all have to know who killed Dumbledore, though I have my theories!

Anonymous said...

Bang on target. I was desparate to post about the 7th Harry Potter Publication date on my blog, but magically, blogger servers were stupefied. Even Dumbledore couldn't have saved blogger from Harry's fury!

But then Harry must have realized the ordeal we bloggers were going thru and lifted the unforgivable curse :)