Thursday, May 03, 2007

Book Review: Unicorn Races

Unicorn Races
by Stephen J. Brooks
Illustrated by Linda Crockett

Sparkly. Purple. Unicorns. Oh, my! Unicorn Races is a gorgeous picture book that will delight any imaginative young child. Each night Abigail leaves her bed, dons her favorite princess dress, and rides her noble unicorn to a clearing in the woods, where she officiates at the unicorn races. The unicorns come in all different colors, and the races are also attended by elves and fairies. After the race, everyone dines on a feast of cakes and cookies and sundays. What's not to like about this book? It has everything a child could wish for: a nighttime adventure, lots of magical creatures, and a feast of sweets. The gentle story is accompanied by beautiful, richly-hued illustrations of fairies and elves and brightly colored unicorns. And sparkles - lots of sparkles. My favorites are the tiny fairies who appear on every page. In one early illustration, a fairy is shown exiting a doll house and being chased by the cat. The book has a quality feel to it - even the cover is soft and padded. This is a book that is likely to become a favorite, treasured book to be read again and again.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, is right! My youngest daughter absolutely loves the color purple, unicorns, elves, and faeries. Plus, her name is Abigail. I will definitely be purchasing this book as soon as possible!

Unknown said...

Sounds like a great match, Kelly!