Friday, June 22, 2007

Dark Dreamweaver news

I just wanted to share a couple of items of news about my husband's book, The Dark Dreamweaver:
  • My son David created a Dark Dreamweaver calendar at, using images from the book that he had colorized using Paint Shop Pro. We got an email today that his calendar was selected by as one of "Today's Best!" The calendar appears on the home page for today, and after that it will stay in their "Today's Best" gallery. There's even a cool little award ribbon that appears on the product page. Click here to see the calendar.
  • Aja King at Reader Views gave The Dark Dreamweaver a great review! Aja said, "If author Nick Ruth wanted to keep me up at night and have me spend every available moment with my nose stuck in his amazing book, “The Dark Dreamweaver,” he totally succeeded!" Read Aja's review here. 11-year-old Aja is also an author; her book is Three Grin Salad.
  • Now you can get The Dark Dreamweaver as an ebook for free! It's available as a free, advertising supported download from (If you were at BEA, they were the people on Segways outside the Javits center). Click here to download The Dark Dreamweaver.

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