Friday, June 08, 2007

Not cool, Scholastic!

Scholastic is promoting the new Harry Potter book with a replica of the Knight Bus, which is touring around the country. Visitors to the Knight Bus can record a 30-second video about Harry Potter, and are given a password where they can view their video online. I think some of the videos are also going to be selected to be displayed on the web site.

David and I visited the Knight Bus during BEA and we each recorded a video. To have a chance to record a video, we stood in line in the broiling sun for over half an hour outside the Javits Center.

I just got the following email from Scholastic:

"We just found out that due to unfortunate technical problems, the sound did not record on any of the BEA videos which is why they are not uploaded."

So after waiting in line all that time in the heat, we have nothing to show for it. I didn't even get to see my son's video, because he didn't want me to watch while he recorded it. He thought he would be able to show it to me on the web site.

I understand that technical problems happen. They did offer to send my son a "care package" to make up for it, so they are doing what they can to rectify a bad situation. But it's still very disappointing.

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