Saturday, March 04, 2006

Riddle in the Mountain

Kathy Henley is scared of noises in the night that no one else can hear. Sure, she and her family just moved to Boulder, Colorado, and everything is strange and different, but Kathy is sure she isn't imagining the noises. But when her brother David and his new friend Frank dare her to go ghost hunting with them, all three children encounter a strange little man who burns a riddle into their minds and sends them back in time to 1879. The little man tells them that they must find "the key" and return it to its rightful place. Each of the three children has one part of the riddle, and they must work together to solve the mystery and find the key so that they can return to their own time.

Riddle in the Mountain is a fast-paced, fun story which combines mystery and fantasy with the Old West and a bit of Cornish mining folklore. Whether you like mystery, fantasy, or your tastes run towards historical fiction, there's something here for everyone. The Old West mining town is vividly drawn, and the characters are interesting. There's a few surprises along the way which add to the fun. A pleasure to read! An appendix at the end contains historical notes on Colorado history, the Cornish in America, and mining folklore. Riddle in the Mountain would tie in well with curriculum units on the history of the Old West in general and Colorado history specifically. It also touches on aspects of immigration in America and Cornish folklore.

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