Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Witch from the Sea

The Witch from the Sea is a historical adventure/romance so vivid that you can smell the sea air and feel the spray on your face. Faced with a life as a governess, Victoria MacKenzie flees Boston's Worthen Academy for Women in search of freedom. She doesn't know what she will find, but fate takes her to the deck of a pirate ship, where Victoria MacKenzie becomes the pirate Tory Lightfoot.

What sets The Witch from the Sea apart from other pirate stories is the characters - heroine Tory Lightfoot burns so brightly that you can't help longing to be her - and the realistic portrayal of life on a pirate ship. As Tory discovers, the life of a pirate is difficult; it's hard work and constant danger. But Tory is independent-minded and determined to make her own way in the world, whatever it takes. Along the way she finds plenty of adventure, and yes, even love.

This is not a book for children; there are several scenes that are pretty steamy. It's really an adult book with crossover appeal to an older YA audience. As a strong and independent woman, Tory sets a good example for young women just at the age when many teen girls succumb to peer pressure to conform to stereotypes of how a girl is "supposed" to act. Tory shows that a young woman can be true to herself and still find happiness.

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