Monday, March 06, 2006

Wolf Brother

Torak's journey begins when his father is killed by a bear - but not just any bear. This bear is huge, horrifying, and possessed by a demon. Before dying, Torak's father makes him promise to travel to the Mountain of the World Spirit, or die trying. Accompanied by an orphaned wolf cub that he befriended, Torak begins an incredible journey to save his world from evil.

Wolf Brother is a fast-paced, exciting book and a moving tale of friendship. Torak and Wolf are two of a kind - both loyal and true and brave - and the special bond they share draws the reader in. The setting is unique and the author paints a fascinating portrait of what life might have been like in prehistoric hunter-gatherer societies of northern Europe. A great adventure story told in a straightforward style, this book should appeal to reluctant readers, animal lovers, and anyone who likes a good adventure. Sensitive readers may have trouble with the father's death and the hunting aspects.

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Carly said...

Hey Sheila! I absolutely loved this book as well and was completely engrossed when I began to read it. I think I might be on the sensitive side of the readers as I was devastated about some of the deaths in the book as I got so attatched! Torak was such a fantastic character to read, and I just couldn't put it down, and I loved Wolf. Have you read Shannon Hales The Goose Girl? Just finished reading it yesterday, absolutely out of this world! All the best!