Thursday, November 23, 2006

A Very Unfortunate Song

Last month, we purchased The Tragic Treasury, a collection of songs related to the Series of Unfortunate Events, and my son was quite taken with it. He's played the CD over and over again, and goes around the house singing the songs. He even learned to play a couple of them on his guitar.

The other day, my husband was driving and found himself with one of the more persistant songs from the CD stuck in his head. So he wrote his own words and made up a parody of the song. Here it is, sung to the tune of The World Is A Very Scary Place:

This song…is starting to annoy….I find
Its words…and melody won’t leave…my mind
I hope…to never hear this tune…again
Each time…it plays I lose anoth…er friend
I hum…this song it’s stuck inside…my brain
Infect…ing all my thoughts, I’m going…insane
Oh, if…I had a knife I’d cut…it out
It’s worth…the pain of this I have…no doubt
I’d rather…be dead than have to hear…this song
It’s bad, awful notes are wrong
Sweet death…please come and find me now…I pray
End this…my torture take me far…away


Michele said...

Oh and haven't we all been there ? Although I confess I've never written a new version of a song that's been bugging my brain !

Unknown said...

I never have, either, but Nick writes songs anyway. He wrote a song for me back when we were dating, and after that it was all over for me.

He wrote theme songs for each of his books. If you're interested, you can hear them at:

Michele said...

I'll take a look - and a listen !