Thursday, October 02, 2008

Cybils 2008 nominations now open!

In case you hadn't heard, nominations are now open for the 3rd annual Children's and Young Adult Literary Bloggers awards, better known as the Cybils! Created by the community of children's literature bloggers in response to established children's book awards that seemed to place too much emphasis either on literary merit at the expense of kid appeal, or on popularity regardless of literary merit. The Cybils were created to find the balance between the two, and award those books with both kid appeal and literary merit. In the first two years, the Cybils have been wildly successful, recognizing great books that haven't always been recognized by the establishment, creating a stir in the children's book community, and, in turn, helping to bring the community together.

Nominations opened yesterday for the 2008 Cybils awards, and will close on October 15. Anyone can nominate a book by posting a comment on the appropriate category of the Cybils blog (one nomination per person per category, please). Books must be published between January 1 and October 15, 2008.

There have been many great books nominated already, but there's a lot of good ones that I don't see on the list yet, so go and nominate your favorite books of 2008! Be sure to look at the previous comments to make sure that the book you want to nominate hasn't already been nominated. Multiple nominations don't help a book - it's not a vote - so you'll basically be wasting your nomination if you suggest a book that's already been nominated.

Nominate your books in the appropriate category here:

If you aren't sure what category your book goes in, post it here. 

Read the rules and details here.
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