Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Book Giveaway for Teen Read Week!

This week is Teen Read Week, an annual event created by YALSA, the young adult division of the ALA. In honor of Teen Read Week, I'm going to be giving away a set of three books from the Named series, by Clare Bell: Ratha's Creature (book 1), Clan Ground (book 2), and the newly published Ratha's Courage (book 5).

For a chance to win, all you have to do is to write a limerick relating to this year's Teen Read Week theme, "Books with Bite," and leave your limerick in the comments. Your limerick could be related to the theme in general, or it could be about your favorite book with "bite". To get you started, here's a limerick written by Clare Bell, author of the Named series:

With October comes Halloween night
When we dress up to give folks a fright
Costumed as bats
Or black Named clan cats
And read all the best books "with bite".

Entries must be posted by this Saturday, October 18, at 11:59 pm Eastern Time. The winner will be selected by random drawing, 'cause, well, I was recently a judge in a writing contest and I know how hard it is to pick one winner from so many good entries. I'd rather celebrate and enjoy all your limericks rather than having to choose one as "best".

The winning entrant must be able to give me a shipping address for review copies, so anyone under 18 should check with your parents first. You don't need to give me your address unless you win (please don't post it here!) and I promise I won't do anything with your address other than ship you the free books!

So limerick away! I look forward to reading your entries!
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Anonymous said...

Ratha, Larka, Warriors and more!
so many wondeful authors galore!
be careful in spite,
because indeed they do bite!
one of these books i would love to score!


Sheila Ruth said...

Awesome! Love it, Coalfang! Good luck! (and if no one else enters, I guess you'll win by default! Tee hee).

Silent said...

Fell, Larka, and Kar together,
Edward, Bella and Jacob forever.
Books that bite,
Are in Sight.
You read them in any weather.

(the only poem thing i have ever wrote)

Iceclaw said...

Wolves or werewolves, what does it matter?
These creatures they bite, all the better!
Race the dragon and be champion,
Or else be locked in its jaws like Morgra who's barren.
And lock your teeth on a good book!

Iceclaw, aka Icestar.

Sheila Ruth said...

Great poems, Silent and Icestar! Silent, I love how you used the title of a book, The Sight, as a double meaning! I also like the final line in both poems: "You read them in any weather" and "Lock your teeth on a good book." Really clever wordplay!

Guess Coalfang has some competition now!

Anonymous said...

yagh, im sooo bad at poems... here goes!

The sharper the teeth, the better the story
The stronger the bite, the more of the glory
So, friends, take heart
You'll never depart
Once you've read books with bite

haha, thats pretty bad, isn't it...
ah-well, theres mine!!


Sheila Ruth said...

You aren't bad at poems, Dawnstripe - that's really good! I love the first two lines. The only problem I see is that the last line should rhyme with the first two, but that's a minor problem. I like it!

Anonymous said...

hmm... thats embaressing lol, how about... umm... story, glory, lori, gorey... ooh, i've got it!

The sharper the teeth, the better the story
The stronger the bite, the more of the glory
So, friends, take heart
You'll never depart
Read books with bite Ex Tempore!

haha, so its kinda awkward, but there it is!


Sheila Ruth said...

Wow, Dawnstripe! I'm totally impressed with anyone who can use "ex tempore" to rhyme with story and glory!

rathacat said...

I like all of these. Good job, Wands-and-Worlders!

Sheila Ruth said...

The winner is...Icestar!! Congrats, Icey! Send me your address in a private message and I'll get the books out to you.

Anonymous said...