Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fantasy and SF Book Reviewers

Who knew that there were so many fantasy and science fiction book reviewers? Well, maybe you did, but I sure didn't. Grasping for the Wind has started a Genre Book Reviewers Linkup Meme to collect the links from across the blogosphere. If you are an SFF reviewer, repost this list to your blog and add your blog to the list (in alphabetical order). It's kind of like a chain letter, except that the originator is going to pick up the additions from the back links and add them to the original post. Full instructions and a handy-dandy html copy window can be found here. I'm looking forward to exploring these:

A Dribble Of Ink
Adventures in Reading
The Agony Column
Bibliophile Stalker
The Book Swede
Breeni Books
Dark Wolf Fantasy Reviews
Dragons, Heroes and Wizards
Dusk Before the Dawn
Enter the Octopus
The Galaxy Express
Graeme's Fantasy Book Review
Fantasy Book Critic
Fantasy Debut
Fantasy and Sci-fi Lovin' Blog
Jumpdrives and Cantrips
Literary Escapism
Neth Space
OF Blog of the Fallen
The Old Bat's Belfry
Pat's Fantasy Hotlist
Realms of Speculative Fiction
Rob's Blog o' Stuff
Severian's Fantastic Worlds
SF Signal
SFF World's Book Reviews
Sporadic Book Reviews
The Road Not Taken
Urban Fantasy Land
Vast and Cool and Unsympathetic
Variety SF
Walker of Worlds
Wands and Worlds
The Wertzone
WJ Fantasy Reviews
The World in a Satin Bag

Edit: Just updated the list to pick up all the new blogs added to the list. To see the most updated version, go to Grasping for the Wind.


Charlotte said...

I feel, at the moment, as if I am a sci fi/fantasy reviewer, but it won't last forever...In the meantime, thanks for all the links to explore!

Unknown said...

LOL. As a Cybils SFF panelist, you are an SFF reviewer, at least for now. I've enjoyed reading your reviews and I'll be sorry when you aren't focusing on YA SFF anymore.