Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dark Dreamweaver: A new review and an oversight

Liz B., of A Chair, a Fireplace, & a Tea Cozy fame, has posted a review of my husband's book, The Dark Dreamweaver. Liz says, "...there are adventures, challenges, skills to learn, puzzles to work out, and, in true fantasy fashion, a group of newly met friends to help." Read the entire review.

Liz also pointed out that I neglected to post Jen Robinson's review. Jen found "...a lot to like about this inventive story." Read her review here. I'm sorry for my oversight, Jen, but no less grateful!

Thanks so much to Jen and Liz for taking the time to review the book.


Anonymous said...

No worries, Sheila! Maybe I didn't tell you about the review... I really don't remember. Anyway, glad that Liz liked it, too.

Unknown said...

I actually did see the review, but I think I was really busy at the time and never got back to replying or posting it. Thanks, anyway!