Monday, October 22, 2007

Updated 2007 Cybils F/SF Nominations 10/22

I updated the list of 2007 Cybils Fantasy/Science Fiction nominations list to include the nominations added in the last week. Only two new books were added to the list:

The Swan Maiden
by Heather Tomlinson
Publisher: Henry Holt
Buy from: | Your local bookstore (Booksense)

Through the Eyes of a Raptor
by Julie Hahnke
Publisher: iUniverse
Buy from: | Your local bookstore (Booksense)

View the complete list of fantasy/science fiction nominations here

Haven't nominated yet? Please don't wait too long! The sooner you get your nomination in, the more time the panelists will have to read and consider the book. Go here to nominate your favorite fantasy/science fiction book of the year! (Please be sure to nominate a book that's not already on the list). You can also nominate your favorite books in other categories here.

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